Karolines Køkken

Pop-up store, Bilka





“Glahn Retail had the full responsibility for design, production and installation of the new dairy departments that was developed for Bilka in Vejle and Hundige. In Bilka Hundige Glahn Retail also developed a Karolines Køkken shop-in-shop.

There has been a close collaboration between Glahn Retail, Arla and Bilka. Glahn Retail has developed solutions that both Arla and Bilka were excited about. This was an important driver for successful implementation.

The results of the projects has led to roll out of adapted concepts in smaller scale across Bilka hypermarkets. The process has made Arlas relationship with Bilka stronger.

We are very satisfied with the projects and the collaboration with Glahn Retail.”


Kathrine From Rosendahl, Instore Manager, Arla Foods


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