Sculpture of LEGO BOXES – BR Flagshop store Copenhagen


Landing LEGO brick


LEGO 3D tree of LEGO boxes







” Glahn Retail has helped to look from a different angle towards the development of instore solutions in LEGO Benelux. The disruptive mindset. From this new way of thinking Glahn Retail has been responsible for concepting and developing a number of new disruptive instore solutions for LEGO which were tested in Benelux and Scandinavia. Glahn Retail started by developing a large number of very creative ideas, then a design phase followed, then prototyping and finally roll out. The process was smooth and flexible.

The solutions have proven to be truly disruptive yet carrying a strong LEGO DNA. We believe the solutions had a positive impact on the LEGO instore experience for shoppers and by doing so it also delivered towards the needs of some of our important retailers. With the “EASTER EGG SOLUTION” LEGO has managed to get key placement positions near the chocolate category at hypermarkets. This would have been very hard to achieve with our normal FSDU offer.

We are very happy with the collaboration with Glahn Retail, and with the professional open sparring we have with them. It keeps us sharp and the end result often brings new innovative instore solutions and/or campaign concepts that will help us creating instore stopping and converting power. Therefore, we continue to work together.

Ronald Rijnbout

Trade Marketing Manager, LEGO Benelux

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